Rodinné vinařství Mikulov

Rodinné vinařství Mikulov – Kateřina Šílová

Vídeňská 5 • 692 01 Mikulov

GSM.: +420 777 922 600 • E-mail:

Established  2013
Annual production  20 000 bottles
Key varieties and wines  Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Grüner Veltliner
Whites/rosés/reds  70/20/10

A small, young family winery from Mikulov and the sole Mikulov female winemaker -in fact one of the very few true female winemakers in the entire Czech Republic!

Katka has been making wine since 2013, but comes from a wine family and has worked in the wine industry for more than 20 years (wine sale, marketing). She considers the process of winemaking a pinnacle of her wine career thus far, and look forward to many more promising vintages.

Katka actually crafts her balanced, refreshing and elegant wines in Mikulov´s downtown, in a stylishly modernized 17th-century farmhouse. Balancing the 21st century with the hundreds of years of Mikulov´s history, the building also holds Katka´s kafé and guesthouse.  

A winemaker always influences and enriches his/her wine with their character and the final wine represents their unique view of the universe. Therefore we are really delighted to have a female winemaker among us sharing her ideas and views as we are tasting and experiencing her wines.  

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