About us


We are three small family run wineries from Mikulov, but incidentally we are friends and wine bodies, if you will, from one small town, who kind of grew together among other things with wine. Thus we all share the same passion for wine and Mikulov and have decided to cooperate not only promoting and selling our wines, but also promoting the rich traditions and wine culture of Mikulov we cherish so much that we pledge to preserve and maintain it for the future realizing the responsibilities we have towards our Mikulov wine predecessors.

At the same time our long-lasting goal and intention is to spread overall wine awareness and its popularisation among customers, clients and tasters.

A small family-run winery that focuses mostly on white wines producing typical local (Mikulov) varieties. The winery is run by two brothers.

A young and small family winery from Mikulov and the sole Mikulov female winemaker and in fact one of the very few true female winemakers in…

The Turold family winery and its current owner and winemaker Jan Vlk follows in the wine making tradition of his father-in-law who established the family winery in the early 90s.